Water-color Garden

A journey in water-color
A journey in water-color

“Water-color Garden” started out loose and then turned tight. So enlightening for me to realize how fast you can switch from right brain to your left. Needless to say, I am still working on my water-color technique, improving but not there yet. Which for me is exciting because the learning of new things is why I get up in the morning and I hope I never loose that excitement. There is a learning curve with all new things, whether it is a new medium or style of painting or new things you experience in life, for that matter. If it was too easy it wouldn’t be a challenge and, for me at least, that would be boring. So with that in mind I am having fun with the challenge. Each time I pick up my brush I learn a new way of expressing my subject in this beautiful medium, and that keeps me coming back for more! My goal is to have, at the least, a cursory level of understanding in all the major mediums. I do believe that will allow me to elevate my abilities in all forms of art. My goal is to incorporate numberous mediums into my art, which has been coined as mixed media art. I like pushing the limits on what is comfortable and usual into something that is different and unusual, but at the same time is pleasing to the eye.

I have babbled on for long enough. My hope is this will inspire you to try new mediums and see where it leads you in your art quest. I will leave you with this thought, paint, paint and then paint some more…xoxo’s, Barbie

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  1. Barbara this is the first chance I have had time to see your new piece of art and that is truly what everything you do is. Art. You are as successful at what you do because you ARE willing to continue to push the envelope and continue to experiment with the different mediums to broaden your talent and that just in its self is what makes a true and unique artist. Your florals are just one of my favorites and the latest is no exception. It is gorgeous! You are so blessed to to have the God given talent to be able to, starting as a child, have such a natural gift for art. You have taken it from there and flown like an angel to continue your natural talent. Enjoy, and keep up the beauty. God knows we need you. I love you my sister.

    1. Thank you again Sylvia for taking your time to comment. It means so much to me that you appreciate my art. I hope it brings joy into your life. I love creating art and your comments makes me want to create more.

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