Sedona Fire

Close up view
Inspired by Anne Marie Ridderhof
Close up view

Sedona Fire,resin pour on 8×20 inch tile. I didn’t make a video on this one because there are already a lot of videos out there using this technique. Chris Cross has several as well as Suzana Dancks, and Chris Mather. I am calling this one “Sedona Fire”. It reminds me of the Southwest and the red mountains of Sedona, Az. USA..

This pour was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube by Anne Marie Ridderhof.  She is one of my favorite resin/acrylic artist!  Check her channel out on YouTube..

The colors I used are:
Mica pigments:
Pearl EX antique bronze
Lindy’s Stamp Gang, Teal and brilliant yellow
Golden Fluid’s: Mixed Transparent Pyyrrole Orange & Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
Mixed Hansa Yellow Medium & Teal + a little Pebeo Iridescent yellow green & Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus/Ultra Marine Blue
Black was Dr. Ph Martin carbon black
White was Jacquard alcohol ink, Blanco Blanco. Note: this was the first time I have used an alcohol ink with resin and I will have to say it worked great! Laced really well without much heat.