Granny’s House

Hollyhocks and chickens, what could be better than that!
Hollyhocks and chickens, what could be better than that!

“Granny’s House” is a painting that was conceived from a special place in my heart. Let me start off by saying I have very fond memories of that summer I spent with my Granny and Pa in the Texas hill country. It was a time I will never forget. Every night as I drifted off to sleep, from my bed by the window, I would watch the  shadows creeping across the moonlit landscape and the smell of fresh country air in the cool breeze. My Granny and Pa were very stoic and regimented people. Every day they had chores to do, which I helped with, gathering the eggs, washing clothes on a wringer washing machine and of course hanging them out on a clothes line to dry in the summer sun. One day we picked cucumbers and canned pickles all day. It wasn’t work to me, I was so happy just to have time with my grandparents whom I didn’t see but once a year.  My Pa was a quite man who never said much, so one day when he ask me if I wanted to see a dead man I said of course I did! He smiled at my curiosity and I wondered why he had that mischievous look on his face, one I may add I had never seen before. I remember asking him about the dead man and he said we had to get a shovel and some picks so we could dig him up. I had a lot of questions about who he was and why we had to dig him up, but Pa just smiled and said I would understand when we got him dug up. Pa wasn’t given to much conversation as a rule, so I knew when he wouldn’t answer my questions I wasn’t going to get the answer till he wanted me to. When we got to the spot where the dead man was buried Pa started digging, he dug for a while and then let me dig a little.   The digging was hard and the  only time we stopped  was to drink some water.  The dead man was buried really deep and I thought we would never get him dug up.  Finally Pa said he had hit something, I thought, it must be the dead man. I was so scared to look in the hole but Pa said it was alright. As I peered over into the hole all I could see was a big rock! I ask Pa, was the dead man under the rock? I must have had a really concerned look on my face cause Pa just broke out laughing.  He then let me in on the big joke, the rock was the dead man, he went on to explain, which was a term the ranchers gave to a big rock they buried that was used to keep a long run of fencing from sagging. I have to say I was a little disappointed when I saw that rock but I had never seen  Pa laugh so hard.

Granny wasn’t a very good cook but she always had molasses cookies in the old cookie jar. Every afternoon I would have a cookie, or two, if I could slip one by Granny while we watered the flowers and grass. She had a beautiful yard with cool thick carpet grass which I enjoyed walking on barefoot.  It was one of the few places where there were no grass-burs.  Some of my favorite flowers was her hollyhocks,larkspur and zinnias. There was a huge trumpet vine that covered one end of the porch that protected it from the evening sun, it was in full bloom and the bees seemed to enjoy the flowers as much as I did. We kept a fly swatter in hand to take care of a roaming bee or an occasional fly while we enjoyed our afternoon cookie break. After we ate an early supper, which usually consisted of some kind of fried meat, potatoes, cream gravy, fresh vegetable of the day and always cornbread, we would go out side and set up the card table in the yard.   Pa would get a water-melon, fresh picked out of the garden and Granny would cut it into slices,  then  we would eat water-melon and play dominos till dark. Pa wasn’t much on games so he would sit his chair in the yard with his rife laying across his lap ready to shoot an unsuspecting deer that might wonder by.  Deer meat was one of their main sources of meat so Pa was always looking to get another deer for the freezer.

This painting has brought back precious memories of my childhood, when life was simple and wonderous. I hope you enjoyed my post on “Granny’s House”, my wish is, it will take you back to a place in your memory that was special to you as well.

Till next time, may you make special memories and share them for all to enjoy…Blessings to you all…Barbie

“Bug Patrol Rooster” water-color

Call bug patrol and ask for no more bugs rooster!

“Bug Patrol Rooster” water-color was inspired by a photo I saw of this beautiful rooster pausing in front of this old milk paint chair full of flowers. I could just see the rooster being so proud of himself for eating all the bugs off the flowers. You know, everyone needs to have a purpose in life. The rooster has many but one of his most important is eating bugs. Not only does it add some protein to his menu but does the flowers a favor as well. If we watch the behavior of the animals it will teach us how to balance our own life. This painting took me back to my childhood. I didn’t realize it then but now I see how important all those animals were to me and the person I became. Animals teach you how to share and by doing so strengthens not only you but all those around you. They give you unconditional love and what a lesson that is! It is my firm belief that God gave us animals to teach us how we should live our lives. They have been a great inspiration to me not only in my art but in my life. Thank you God for the animals!

“Bad Rooster” water color painting

If you don't think so just ask me!
If you don’t think so just ask me!

” Bad Rooster” water-color painting, is a gift for a friend who loves chickens and roosters. I grew up around them, chickens that is. My grandma, Mammie, had a whole flock.  One of my favorite memories was helping her at feeding time. It always made me laugh when she would holler, here chick, chick, chick and they would come running, flapping their wings and squawking. Chickens represent pure joy and happiness for life. They are always singing and just happy to be alive. When I am feeling blue I remember the chickens and it brings a smile to my face every time. I want to paint a lot more of them so stay tuned. “Bad Rooster” water-color painting, reminds me of the old rooster we had on the farm. He was always strutting around the chicken yard looking like he was the baddest rooster in the yard and would prove it if any of the other roosters wanted to challenge him. I would sit for hours and watch them going about their day, scratching and pecking. Memories of a simpler time makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile as well.

Framed and ready to find a new home.
Framed and ready to find a new home.