Here is the mixed media canvas I created using the Joann Sharpe stencil on fabric.  

1. Started out with a gessoed canvas.  

2. Then took the stenciled fabric piece and glued it down using fluid gloss medium.  

3. Next I tore strips of misc scrapbook paper and glued to the canvas using matte medium.  Also used several pieces of the Gelli print I posted called "Monet".

4. Needed to make this layer into the back ground so I used a mixture of gesso and fluid glazing medium and painted it all over the whole canvas.  Before it dried I used a baby wipe to bring some parts of the canvas into the middle ground.  Note: The idea here is to pick out the parts that you want to be seen and are interesting to you.  This step also helps to marry all the materials into one cohisive canvas.  Be sure to dry after  each step.

5. Looking at what I have to this point I can see I need to start bringing out some colors and defining the areas I want to focus on.  To do this I decided to use Gelatos.  Scribbled some lines around the canvas using child like marks.  Then came back and sprayed lightly with water to make a water color type effect.  Using my finger I smeared the color around to shade areas.  Dried

6. Next I used some paint markers by Montana…There will be a list below.

7. At this point I need some texture so used the same stencil ( Joann Sharpe's heart stencil) I used on the stenciled fabric called Flying Hearts, and applied molding paste to repeat the pattern.  Let dry.

8. The remainder of the process is left up to the artist's preferance.  I used multiple layers of paint, stencils, stamps and doodles being sure to dry between layers.  Final layer is soft medium gloss to seal canvas. 

Material List:

1. 12X12 gessoed canvas

2. Golden fluid matte medium, soft gel med. gloss, soft gel med. matte, acrylic glazing liquid gloss…

3. Liquitex Gesso

4. Stenciled fabric or other base art work you may want to use as inspiration.

5. Misc scrapbook paper, old book pages, gelli prints ect.

6. Faber-Castell Gelatos, Big brush pens.

7. Montana paint markers, shock yellow light, shock blue light, shock pink light.

8. Inka God Metalic rub/old silver

9. Pan Pastel Violet #PV23

10. Dylusions sprays

11. Stampers Anonymous-Tim Holtz scrip, Inkadinkadoo-flowers, stencils, TWC mini wonky circles-Balzar Designs, chicken wire stencil don't know the brand.

12. Free web printables butterflies 



Joanne Sharpe’s Stencil on Fabric

Flying Heart

Just joined Stencil Girl Club and this was my first stencil.  Joanne did a tutorial on using her stencil of fabric.  I loved her results so thought I would try it myself.  I was pleased with how it came out.  I used Golden fluid acrylic mixed with water to give the water color effect.  Also used some Dylusions sprays mixed with water as well.  Used  pitt pen to fill in the outside of the heart and black Jelli Roll pen to out line the heart and loved.  Check back to see how I used this piece of fabric.   My thought right now is to use it on a canvas as part of a mixed media painting……..

List of paints I used:………

  1. Lindys Stamp Gang-Flat Fabio…Pineapple Paradise
  2. Dylusions spray—-bubblegum pink & white linen
  3. Golden fluid acrylics….Ultramarine blue—-hansa yellow med.——-green gold—-iridescent gold fine
  4. faber-castell big bush pen—pink carmine #127

Some new Gelli Plate Prints…


In this Gelli print I was trying to capture depth and varity of color but it became too intense.  I was loving the depth and interest of color but wanted something more muted without losing the integrity.  I decided to use Golden's Titan Buff as the last Gelli print pull.  I sit there and looked at the print for a long time before deciding to go for it. I really loved the print and didn't want to loose it to the trash can but what the heck.  No venture no gain, so I took a big swig of tea and started rolling on the Titan Buff.  I was so pleased with the outcome that I had to share my feelings of self doubt with you .  The message to me was, follow you inter artsy voice for it is the side of yourself that is free of rules and just wants to express an emotion thru your art.  That is why I named this Gelli Print "Monet".   It reminds me of his color palete.  I will use this method again for sure.  One last thing I would like to mention. I add one of the metalic's to my prints. It really brings the print to life.  If you look at the close up you can see gold peaking through here and there.  Go with your inter artsy voice and you will be pleasantly suprised……Gelli Plating……Great Fun!!!!!!!!

Alcohol Inks on Acetate

Here is a sample of how Tim Holtz Distress alcohol inks work on acetate. Got some very interesting patterens.  The orange print was accomplished by putting drops of ink on a piece of acetate and then covering with a piece of saran wrap.Left till it was dry.  The multi color print has drops of distress ink with drips of alcohol blending solutions dripped randomly.

Alchhol Inks on Acetate IMG_0145 600 pix

Flowers cut out of above acetate sheets using Tim Holtz Tattered Floral dye.

Gelli Plate Prints/Ameba

I love to print on my Gelli Plate.  It is one of the most artistically freeing forms of art I have ever tried.  Here are a few of my prints.  More to come in the future!! I have just purchased the new round plate.  Can't wait to try it out.  All kinds of artistic candy running around in my head.  Maybe I will try making a video for this new experience.  Still having some technical difficallities on the video thing.  LOL!! Oh well enough on all that.  Hope you enjoy my Gelli Plate adventures….Barbie


Ghost Image


Little Darlings Mini Album


Made this album for a good friend who just happens to be family as well.  It was a labor of love which makes it all the more special.  I hope it will give those who view it inspiration.  When I get more post on my blog I will be doing some video tutorials as well.  Have never downloaded videos so will be a learning curve I'm sure.

First Mixed Media Page

IMG_0269I had such a fun time doing this journal page.  I think now for my taste it may be a little busy but it doesn’t matter much.  I think I was excited to be doing my first page that I must have tried every technique I could think of and probably every paint color I had at the time.  When you say mixed media I put a whole new meaning to that term.  Point here is just have fun and enjoy.  Take a close look at all I have going on it’s a lot!!! May make your eyes cross.  LOL….XOXO Have a great time.

Cool Technique




upper left page


One day I was messing around with some Dylusions sprays I had just got and I realized when I sprayed them in my art journal they were brighter than I wanted for this page so I grabed some gesso I had mixed up in a spray bottle and sprayed on the page while it was still wet and got this really cool chalky effect.  I am sure someone else has done this as well but it was a new thing for me so in case you haven’t tried it yet I would encourage you to give it a go.  image