Sedona Fire

Close up view
Inspired by Anne Marie Ridderhof
Close up view

Sedona Fire,resin pour on 8×20 inch tile. I didn’t make a video on this one because there are already a lot of videos out there using this technique. Chris Cross has several as well as Suzana Dancks, and Chris Mather. I am calling this one “Sedona Fire”. It reminds me of the Southwest and the red mountains of Sedona, Az. USA..

This pour was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube by Anne Marie Ridderhof.  She is one of my favorite resin/acrylic artist!  Check her channel out on YouTube..

The colors I used are:
Mica pigments:
Pearl EX antique bronze
Lindy’s Stamp Gang, Teal and brilliant yellow
Golden Fluid’s: Mixed Transparent Pyyrrole Orange & Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
Mixed Hansa Yellow Medium & Teal + a little Pebeo Iridescent yellow green & Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus/Ultra Marine Blue
Black was Dr. Ph Martin carbon black
White was Jacquard alcohol ink, Blanco Blanco. Note: this was the first time I have used an alcohol ink with resin and I will have to say it worked great! Laced really well without much heat.

Resin Art Red Blush Roses

Resin art is my new obsession!  I also have a tutorial on YouTube showing my process. I will put a link at the bottom of this post for those who might be interested in seeing how I accomplished this painting. I had to finish up the painting after I turned the video off because it was getting so long. Resin is a very challenging art form in the respect that is wants to do its own thing. It continues to move till it is set up. In that respect it is hard to control the outcome. I am in the early stages of learning how to use the medium effectively. That is one reason I am videoing my journey. Each time I do a painting I learn so much more about how the medium behaves and how I can work with its unique properties to achieve my vision in resin.. I invite you to come along and learn with me.