Angel of the Morning

8x8 oil on mixed media paper for use in my fabric art journal
8×8 oil on mixed media paper for use in my fabric art journal

“Angel of the Morning” a study in oils. I love angels as I’m sure a lot of people do. If you have been keeping up with my post you will know I am painting like crazy trying to get enough small art for my Fabric Art Journal I am making. Just about have enough ready to go. Now comes the hardest part for me, putting each page together using vintage lace and linens. That is a whole different art form and requires a lot of thought, for me at least. I have decided to use the copic stitch to bind it but haven’t decided what I want to use for the cover art. May choose one of my pieces I have already done or not… At any rate won’t know till I start putting the pages together so I will let that decision wait for a later post. I did not think, when I started painting pieces for this journal, about how I would incorporate each page or of the medium I would use, and how each one would work on fabric. I love the pastels but they presented a problem due to the nature of chalk so I had to come up with a method to seal the chalk so it wouldn’t come off on the fabric page. I described that method on the bluebird post, so if you would like more info on that process check out the bluebird post.

2 thoughts on “Angel of the Morning”

  1. Interesting to learn a little of what you are thinking of doing about putting them all together in a book and I did not know you are going to also decorate each piece with all types of embellishments. I am sure they will all be grand. It is getting stared that is the hard part at least for me. You cannot even sleep thinking of all your ideas. Am I right? Of course I am I am your sister and I am the same way. All part of your process. I think you should definitely have a special piece of your art work, made just for the front, and a beautiful font as a title. That is my input, want it or not! LOL! All of your work is gorgeous to say the very least. I am always so proud of the awesome talent that you have. On your pastels why don’t you just use several light coats of a fixative made specifically for that type of art work to seal it really really well?
    Keep on a truckin sister,
    I love you,

    1. Hey Sylvia, thanks for your comment and suggestions. I truly do appreciate you taking time to comment, even more so since you are my sister. I do value your opinion. On sealing the pastels problem. I have bought 3 different brands of pastel sealers which have been reccommended by Jerry’s Art as well as two that was reccommented by other pastel arist and the problem with them all is that they change the color and texture of the pastels. The only thing I have found so far that seals them and leaves the soft feeling of the pastels is wax. But before you can use wax you have to use a spray fixitive which is the step I forgot about and ruined my pastel painting “Coming Home”. The only good thing about it is I won’t be forgetting that step again.. LOL! Right now I am thinking I will use my painting ‘Angel of the Morning for the front cover but that may change before I actually start putting my journal together..

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